Book Of Feminine Psychology

Book Of Feminine Psychology

Book Of Feminine Psychology1 - - free chat rooms onlineMen and women are really very different and although this brings great greatness and richness to our lives, it is also true that in many occasions it complicates relationships. If you want to understand women, understand how they think, know how to correctly interpret their actions and expressions, the current publishing market offers a wide variety of psychology books that, from different perspectives, can help you in your purpose.

Book Of Feminine Psychology2 - - free chat rooms onlineAddress insecure women One of these books, which enjoys great popularity, is known under the title "Men are from Mars, women of Venus", written by John Gray and published in Spain by the publisher Grijalbo. This book of feminine psychology deals with one of the aspects that make the human being as a species different, communication, and that in turn constitutes the essential pillar of the understanding between men and women. The work in question is presented as "a guide for understanding - the" translation "- of the attitudes and words of the opposite sex" aiming to avoid misinterpretation of communication in order to "minimize from an affectively positive perspective the consequences of the disagreements. "

Book Of Feminine Psychology2 - - free chat rooms online"Men are from Mars, women from Venus" has been since 1992 when its first edition was published in the United States, a real success in sales and has even been adapted to the theater by Paco Mir in a work of great reception by the spectators directed by the well-known actor and director Nancho Novo.

Book Of Feminine Psychology3 - - free chat rooms onlineJohn Gray is an American author specializing in human relations, self-help and personal growth who has written different titles of the so-called "pop psychology" (popular psychology). This book shows that men and women are totally different from a psychological perspective being the recognition and acceptance of such differences, and not their attempt to eliminate them, the key to achieving harmony between the sexes.


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