Seducing Text Messages Examples

Seducing Text Messages Examples

Sending text messages is an excellent way to make contact with a woman once you have obtained her phone number.

Seducing Text Messages Examples1 - - free chat rooms onlineHowever, make sure you do not waste time hiding behind the texts. Although it seems that a woman does not want to have a phone call because she likes to send text messages, the quickest way to get out of an appointment is to call her, make her feel attracted to the phone and then make an appointment.

If she hides behind text messages and is too afraid to make a phone call, a woman can easily lose interest and decide to connect with another man who has the confidence to call her and make arrangements to see her personally.

Seducing Text Messages Examples2 - - free chat rooms onlineSending a text like this ensures that it has your number and knows that you are interested. If you have succeeded in making her feel very attracted to you when you met her, it is important that she also know that you are interested in her and are not just getting her number for fun.

Many guys get phone numbers from women and never go with them or date a date. As a result, many women feel that a guy is not a true dating option until she has met him for a first date, kissed him (or had sex with him) and wanted more.

Getting a woman's number and texting her does not mean anything. You're just dating when you have sex or at least you kissed. Anything before that is simply a maybe.

Seducing Text Messages Example - What to write text

Seducing Text Messages Examples3 - - free chat rooms onlineAfter texting her, my advice is to call her instead of continuing to send her a message. Take her on a phone call, laugh together and then arrange yourself to meet in person. That way, you can start kissing and having sex and a real relationship can begin.

However, if you really want to send a couple of texts beforehand, at least make sure that they unleash your feelings of attraction for you.

For example: One of the ways to attract women is to use humor. So let's say, for example, that the night you met her, she was wearing a red dress and she was looking sexy. During the conversation, you referred to her as the "lady in red."

You could then unleash your feelings of attraction using a little humor:

    Seducing Text Messages Examples2 - - free chat rooms onlineThe Lady in red. You looked good in that dress the other night. I was fine too, but you looked better. How are you today?

She'll laugh a little and be drawn to the fact that you're not only confident and funny, but also complimenting you. All this combined sums up to see him as a charming face.

Seducing Text Messages Example - You can also simplify and say:

    Hey ... the lady in red. How are you today?

She will laugh a little and remember that it felt good talking to you when you referred to her as the lady in red.

In a situation like this, you should not spend too much time exchanging text messages. After your initial response, call her. If she does not respond, it may be that she is busy or at work at that time, so do not worry.

Seducing Text Messages Examples4 - - free chat rooms onlineShe will send you a text message, call you or be silent. Whatever happens, do not lose confidence in yourself. Keep going until you actually meet her in person, because without a date in person and then kissing and having sex, you're just another guy sending messages to her.

Errors of text messages to avoid
After doing all the hard work to get a woman's phone number, some guys spoil their chances with her by committing one or all of the following mistakes:

1. Excessive text messages

There is nothing with text messages for a woman, but if you send too much text to her and never call her on a call and arrange a date, she can easily lose interest in you.

Because? 93% of communication between two humans is non-verbal (eg, tonality, body language, vibration, etc.).

When a guy is sending a message to a woman, she is only getting 7% of her actual communication, so she has to fill the remaining 93% wondering what he would be like, sounding and behaving as if he said that (what he sent via text) for her personally.

If you pass a woman's text, she may begin to think of you in a negative way (for example, suppose you are too afraid to call her and take the risk of rejection if you suggest a date). If she starts to feel this way, she will not be so impressed or amused by anything you say via text.

It will become a nuisance than anything and she will keep open to meet a guy who will actually meet her, kiss her and have sex with her, rather than just send a message to her.

2. Take too long to get in touch with her after getting her number

Seducing Text Messages Examples5 - - free chat rooms onlineSome guys are not so confident in their attractiveness to women that they get scared when it comes time to call or call her.

I used to make that mistake when I started getting numbers. I would pick up a few numbers at night and worry about being rejected if I called. I'd be thinking, "Maybe I did not get her attracted enough" or "Maybe she did not even like me very much and gave me her number to leave me alone" or "Maybe ..."

I was reasoning not to call and then I would think, "I'll get some more numbers next weekend, attract women better, and then call." But this kept happening.

Eventually, I started the point where I started to force myself to call, saying to myself, "If she gave you her number, she was attracted to you and was open to meeting you and potentially having sex with you. Then call. "

To my surprise, as I started to follow the numbers, I started having sex every week and soon I had some women moving at once.

Seducing Text Messages Examples6 - - free chat rooms onlineSo if you can get a girl's number, do not worry about whether she likes you or not. Also, do not joke with her and think that if you send her a message early, she'll look desperate.

Will not.

You are not desperate to text or call a girl and then make an appointment. You're just a cool, confident guy who goes after what he wants. Women are amazed by this, so do not hide behind endless text messages. Just call her, set a date and then have sex with her.

BTW: A recent survey found that 55% of couples had sex at the first meeting and 70% of women admitted having spent one night. So do not think that sex does not happen easily and often.

Nowadays, most women have sex with you (or at least kiss you) the first night or the first date. So do not hide behind texts, do not wait too long to call. Just move on and make things happen.
If you want to be successful with women, you need to believe in yourself and move to the next level. Hanging in the text zone "Maybe I like you, maybe I will not" is for sissies.
Just take her on the phone, meet her, kiss her and have sex with her.

Seducing Text Messages Examples7 - - free chat rooms onlineUntil you get to that point, her interest in you is just a maybe and you can instantly be replaced by a guy who kisses her or has sex with her, instead of sending her a message.

3. Text messages as a woman
If you think you should send messages to a woman, just make sure you are not texting like a boy or a woman.

Seducing Text Messages Example - Some examples of a text message from a guy writing like a woman:

    Hi how are you?
    what are you doing?
    I like you.
    Do you want to call?
    Good ur!
    I miss you ... hvnt seen u in ages

Just because girls write like this does not mean you should. If you want to be attractive to women, you should focus on being more mature and masculine, rather than childish or feminine.

4. To be very cute
Seducing Text Messages Examples8 - - free chat rooms onlineIt's okay to send fluffy messages if you're a very masculine guy and are doing this to add a little sweetness sometimes, or play with it by pretending to be a young lady. However, if you are a fairly normal and neutral guy in terms of masculinity, being very fluffy with a woman by means of a text is actually turning it off.

She'll figure out what the facial expression and reasoning process would look like when you send her the cute message to her, and if she looks cute as a girl, she will not be drawn. Instead, she will begin to lose attraction because she lacks the important masculinity that women look for in men.

Here are some super thigh text messages just as an example. Ready to vomit?

    "Do you have a cast? Because? Because I cut myself by falling 4 u!

Why is this a turn off? It's childish and something kids do in school. If you send this to her as a joke (and she knows you're kidding) it will be funny, but if you're serious, she'll, of course, think you're a weirdo.

    "Hey snuggle bear" (or any other cutie name)

Seducing Text Messages Examples9 - - free chat rooms onlineAgain, it's okay if you're a male guy, have had sex with her or are just kidding. However, being attractive through text messaging is not appealing to women in virtually every other circumstance.

    "If you were attacked by a lion with chainsaws for the hands, I hope he does not take your face because he is cute :)"

I do not know how you feel after reading these messages, but I'm feeling a little queasy after having to write them as examples. Sick things. I laughed a lot…

5. Being too aggressive or lacking

Some guys get a little excited when they get a woman's number.

He will send a message to her to say good morning, send a message to her saying that she is on her way to work, when he is stuck in a traffic jam (eg, "OMG ... congestion. Gunna is late for work! Eeek! ") To tell her what he just ate for lunch.

Truth be told, I'm sorry for guys like that. It's not his fault that he wants to be in love, have a girlfriend and have some affection for the women. It is natural to want this.

However, women do not want to be bombarded with messages of desperate faces. It is not exciting, unless, of course, she is unattractive and desperate for some masculine attention.

Some examples of poor text messages:

    Are you receiving my messages?
    What are you doing? Why do not you answer me?
    It's been a week and I have not heard from you. Are you bored of me already?
    I miss you, do you feel me?

6. Asking you through a text message

Seducing Text Messages Examples10 - - free chat rooms onlineThis is the classic number one mistake guys make when they send messages to girls. Instead of growing a pair of balls and getting a phone call (where the girl might be drawn to your confidence), he will hide behind a text message because he will not feel so bad if he says no.

Some guys will use the excuse that she does not like to talk on the phone and she would feel uncomfortable if he called. However, if she meets a confident guy, he'll call her, meet her in person and then hit her.

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