Text Messages To Get Her In The Mood

Text Messages To Get Her In The Mood


This guide will give you all the basics of texting women and plenty of actual text messages that you can send to girls right away. Texting is another tool for your proverbial tool belt. Keep in mind that you don’t need to text girls. I’ve had plenty of interactions with women that went incredibly well that I didn’t use any texting lines or routines, I just called the girl and asked her out, and you’ll be surprised at how well that will work if you made a great first impression. Also, keep in mind that the text messages in this guide will not work for every woman in every situation. They are intended for you to have a better understanding of attraction and female psychology so you will have a better idea of what to text women. Use your best judgment of when and how to use them. If you have questions or don’t understand something found in this guide, you can ask a dating coach during your Skype session. At the end of this guide you’ll get a free 30 minute a 1-on-1 Skype or phone session with a top dating expert to get all of your questions answered when it comes to women and dating, approaching and attracting, first dates and sexual escalation, and phone and text messaging women.


People text more than they make actual phone calls. Girls text almost two times as much as they talk on the phone. It’s the preferred method of communication for women in their 20’s Text messages are usually read within 15 minutes of being received and responded to within one hour.

· Women text more than men

· The peak hours for texting are between 10.30pm and 11.00pm

· 44% of U.S. mobile subscribers text message regularly; nearly 100% among teens, 85% among college students, 65-70% among young adults, 55% for those in their 30’s, 14% of those 65 and older.

· Text conversations are missing over 93% of the input as face-to-face interaction because of the lack of voice tonality, body language and facial expressions.



· Texting is used to reinitialize contact, set up the date, build attraction and comfort, or to get her on the phone to have a “real” conversation in order to build more comfort, attraction and/or ask her out on a date. You should text her within 24hrs of meeting her so she remembers as much as possible from the initial interaction. If I meet a woman during the day, I like to text her about 5 minutes after the interaction so that she is used to me texting her and accepts that I will be apart of her life. This might seem too soon, but if you text her in a fun non-needy way it, you will come across as confident. The idea is to keep the emotional momentum going and to keep the attraction as high as possible, while avoiding the annoying “who is this?” Use callback humor from the initial interaction. Callback humor is when you refer to humorous topics or events that ha ppened in a previous interaction. This will bring her back to the same emotional state that she was in when you met her. This is primarily usedfor women you meet at bars and clubs. Use nicknames. A great way to use callback humor is using a playful name that you called her from the first interaction This could be a strip-boy name, etc.


Don't try to impress her through text messages. Trying to write a bunch of information that you assume will impress her, usually has the opposite effect. Be fun, flirty and interesting from the start. Attractive women get texts from guys all day long so you need to stand out. You want to intrigue her and make her curious about you. Wording is key. You could text her “hey whats up” which is boring and completely unoriginal. Or you could text her “hey crazy girl what kind of trouble you causing?” Which do you think she’ll respond better too? Don’t use a lot of slang, abbreviations or anything that has multiple interpretations with foreign women. They probably won’t understand. Tone things down and be a lot more basic and too the point with women that have trouble with the English language. Don’t write super long texts that take three or more messages to send. Remember, the person writing the most is the person that’s most invested in the interaction. This concept, along with many others in this guide, will be explained in detail during your 1on1 session.


WHY TEXT? You don’t have to respond right away. You have time to think of a clever or funny response. · She doesn’t have to respond right away. She won’t feel any sense of pressure from you. You can communicate something to her without her having to screen you. Where as in a phone call, she has to decide right then and there if she wants to talk to you at that exact moment. · Time management. You can text her at anytime you want.You can literally set up a date with a women while you are taking a crap! Plus you can send mass texts to avoid writing the same thing to multiple girls.


TEXTING MINDSET Send it and forget it. Don’t keep checking your phone to see if she responded. Don’t keep checking your outbox to see if you spelled something wrong. This will drive you crazy. Just send the text and then move on to something else. · Have the mindset that she is having a boring day and its your job to cheer her up and make her smile. · She doesn’t have to respond. Don’t get worked up because she didn’t respond to your text(s). You don’t know what kind of day she may have had. It could have been the worst day or week of her life and she just doesn’t want to talk to anyone. You just don’t know, so don’t beat yourself up over it. · Don’t give up. You never know whats going on in her life. If she doesn’t respond to a text you can use the following rule: Wait a day then text her again Still no response: wait two days then text her again Still no response: Wait three days then text her again And so forth. If the number goes cold after a few days remember you can always reengate in the future with one of the texts from the “Numbers That Have Gone Cold” section of this guide.


BUILDING ATTRACTION Attraction dissolves over time. The idea is to use texting to maintain the attraction that she had for you during the initial interaction until the first date. Attraction can be maintained by using fun text messages that assume a level of comfort, contain humor, tease her in a playful fun way and are flirty without being overly needy or nice. This is done by text messages that include playful teasing, funny jokes, role playing, randomness, unpredictability, flipping the frame and role reversals.

BUILDING COMFORT Don’t worry about trying to build too much comfort with her through texting. This is done more in person and talking over the phone. How-ever, fun text messages that make her smile without making her feel like she has to write back will build comfort.Another way is through mirroring. This is the concept of matching what she is doing, without making it obvious. You can match her style of tex-ting by using the same types of abbreviations, emoticons, acronyms, etc. that she uses.

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